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By Dr. Reshmi PramodPosted On 12-Jan-2019

Autism is, in general, the developmental disorder occurring in children with the behavioral, psychological and physical chaos. Autism relates the root cause of the symptoms to differing reasons, out of which the gut problems contribute to a great extent. The major physical problems in autism are related to gut like diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, leaky gut syndrome, gastroesophageal reflex etc. A healthy gut and a peaceful environment can bring down the hyper symptoms in autistic kids. A clean and healthy diet is important in this regard. Dietary interventions for autistic kids is considered one among the necessary conduct in the cure.

Gut microbiota or gut bacteria have an important role and influence in autism. Maintaining the right gut microbiome is important as it has an effect on a large scale. Treating GI issues and the symptoms can calm down the kids and improve their behavioral and social approach. Gut, being called the second brain, is responsible for certain hormone productions, immune system, mood, thinking etc. The major neurotransmitters produced in the gut are serotonin and GABA. They are crucial in maintaining our peace of mind, behavior inhibition, aggression, brain development and mood. So, it is highly important to maintain the right gut flora and gut health so as to help the autistic children maintain the right levels of secretions which could possibly help in their recovery.

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The blood tests of the autistic kids reveal the high levels of gluten. Autistic kids tend to show high sensitivity to gluten and it must be avoided. The gut lining gets loosened and thinned, hurting the child. Likewise, casein must also be avoided as it can cause inflammation and ill effects on the kid. Instead, a high amount of leafy vegetables, carbohydrate-rich vegetables, nutrient-rich pulses etc are recommended. Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Omega 3 are all important for the better growth of the child. Along with these, a personalized Ayurveda diet plan is managed according to each individual’s need and condition.

Treating the gut problems to complete can solve the day to day problems faced by autistic children to a great extent. Jeevaniyam Ayurvedic Hospitals and Research Centre provides the best autism therapy in Kerala. For more information and guidance regarding the dietary intervention for autistic kids, do contact Jeevaniyam Ayurvedic Hospitals and Research Centre.

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Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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