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Autism - has Ayurveda something to offer to improve Autistic children ?

By Dr. Reshmi PramodPosted On 12-Aug-2016

Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical treatments which is originated 3000 year ago in india. It has treatment for almost all disorders including autism without any side effects. As everyone knows autism is a developmental disorder which damage the ability to interact and communicate. Problems with understanding, verbal communication and using language, difficulty with facial expressions and gestures, inability to relate to people or surroundings and damage social interaction, preoccupation with unusual objects, difficulty in coping with change in familiar surroundings or routines are some symptoms of autism. When the western medicines fails to be effective against autism, Ayurveda has come to the rescue and it is increasingly being used for treating autistic symptoms. Ayurvedic practices is very effective in supporting autistic patients in becoming functional in managing different symptoms of this autism.

Diagnosing at the early stage and treating it improves the life of the affected kids. In ayurveda, problems with the brain is rectified and also assess the severity of autism. Later starting the treatments.

Ayurveda vs Western Medicines in autism

Western medicines are focused on treating symptoms of disease with drugs. Once drugs has stopped, the symptoms returns. Here, antipsychotic drugs are given to people with autism. But It has many side effects which include feeling stiff in your muscles, feeling restless, increased blood sugar, weight gain, increased cholesterol and dry mouth. Here comes the benefits of ayurveda. It has no side effects. And the main intention is to remove the underlying causes of disease. Once causes are removed, the disease stops. In the case of autism, it can’t be cured, But it can be controlled through ayurveda in effective way and help the kids with autism to live like other kids. Ayurveda Therapies which include oil therapy and Herbal Medicines are the treatments available for autism in ayurveda.

Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center, the Best Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala providesAutism Treatment through Ayurveda. We help in assisting special kids in every aspects of their life is truly based on sound understanding and evaluation of their biological and psychological condition.


Grabbing the Best Treatment for Autism is your rights. Make use of it by walking into jeevaniyam !!

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Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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