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Jeevaniyam To Handle Early Intervention Of Autism

By Dr. Reshmi PramodPosted On 23-Jan-2019

Parents get to the real worries when their child starts to face troubles with his/her daily life activities and studies. Jeevaniyam has been helping both the parents and children in this regard for the past few years with the irreplaceable legacy in autism care and support. Proper autism diagnosis has to be done to find the early sign of autism. And if your child has been diagnosed with autism at an early stage, do not fret, for Jeevaniyam has with us, the best early intervention programmes that could help your children have a safe health and future.

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If a child has been diagnosed with autism at an early stage itself, the treatments can start from an age of 18 months. And the obvious question regarding the early intervention in autism has also been raised quite many times in the recent days. Kids find playing and learning the most pleasing during their early ages of life. This is due to the immense curiosity and the budding nerves that strike thoughts in them during their childhood. Neuroscience explains this to be the effects of neuroplasticity- which helps to intervene in the earliest of the ages.

Early intervention programs help the autism children to drop off the bad habits or wrong gestures from becoming a habit in their future. Being the prime of the age, children will be able to adapt the required changes in their life by receiving the early intervention of individualised treatments. Jeevaniyam assures to provide your child with the best of the treatments extracting the essence of Ayurveda. This also helps the parents to be well prepared mentally, emotionally and physically at the earliest. Early detection and the treatment have found to be more effective in creating the space for better social skills and social interaction.

The core symptoms which can decide the need for early intervention programmes are the social-interaction difficulties, communication challenges, and repetitive behaviour. The early symptoms can occur and they can be different before and after 12 months. Jeevaniyam provides behaviour therapies, medications, education and learning programs to the autistic children. The experienced team at Jeevaniyam designs the treatment for the children by including ABA(Applied Behaviour Analysis), medications depending on the behaviour, physical therapy, speech-language therapy etc.

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Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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