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Education Goals In Autism : Met By Resolving Sitting Behaviour Issues

By Dr. Reshmi PramodPosted On 18-Apr-2018

Education makes a scholar and it is the most important inevitable part of a child’s life making him/her a better citizen. Especially, when your kid needs more care and special attention than other students when he is different from other students when he is differently abled unlike other students, education will have a major role in shaping his life and it is necessary. But are you a parent who is worried about the quality and assurance of your child’s education?

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At times, the autistic kids find it difficult to cope up with the regular kids and they require special care and attention to excel in their academics. And sometimes, not just special schooling is enough for the kids. One of the most important hurdles teachers and parents face is to make the kids sit calmly for the classes. The task becomes more tedious due to the nave hyperactivity behavior in the autistic kids. Only once the kids gain the sitting tolerance, he/ she will be open to study and learn, thereby getting a chance to equip to the normal schooling.

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We, Jeevaniyam Ayurvedic Hospital have been the experts and specialists in managing autism. The successful treatment methodologies that have been designed and prepared out with the collaboration of Kottakkal Ayurveda College have found to bring out many success stories in helping the children control their hyperactive nature. In contrast to the conventional classroom methodologies, many techniques and methods are included in our treatment protocol so as to produce noteworthy changes.

The effective exercises and therapies at Jeevaniyam makes the kid calmer and helps to learn the norms of sitting in his class. This can directly help the kids to attain sitting tolerance and thereby gaining wide attention span to solely concentrate in studies and to do day to day activities.  The best autism treatment in ayurveda in Kochi is provided by Jeevaniyam. 

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Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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