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My Child, My Pride

By Dr. Reshmi PramodPosted On 14-Sep-2019

“Mother” A kid's first friend, teacher, and guide.

It takes a special mother to care for an exceptional child with wonderfully different abilities. It is hard for parents to deal with the news that their child has autism and to accept that their life from then is going to change from what they had expected to be. A mother dreams and awaits for the day when her child calls her mamma. She is then filled with enormous joy and celebrates the day. But her heart falls when her child gradually stops calling her mamma, and she falls to complete negativity and depression, knowing that her child has autism. She will be depressed that all her dreams about her child have shattered. But it is necessary to move forward and accept the fact that special attention and care is needed for her child as her child is not diseased but differently-abled.

There are simple everyday things that can bring significant change to your child. Start by calling him/her with the proper name. We tend to call children with sweet names. If everyone in a family begins calling the child with different names, It creates confusion in him/her. So make a habit of calling the child with a proper name that he/she recognizes and accepts. It is essential to build self-esteem in an autistic child. Pay attention to your child's sensory activities. As parents, they must create self-awareness and self-confidence in their children by presenting them in front of the mirror. Complement your child when it is needed. Socialize them by taking to parks, parties, and beaches even though they might act differently with the crowd by screaming or shouting. Help them find some happy time with kids of their age. Parents have to be emotionally stable and help their children to be active too. Autism is a challenge, but certainly not a harmful one. Understand your kid, Spend more time with the child to know what makes him happy, stressful, frightening, or uncomfortable, and prevent situations that cause difficulties.

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Children with autism have uniquely positive traits. They have unique talents or skills which we must help them develop. A child with autism can teach you more about life than anyone, and anything else in the world can ever do. Every child, if autistic or not, in some situations, can get into psychological or mental depressions. A significant fact that leads to this is the lack of care and protection from their parents. Parents must find time to spend with children, and talk to them about their problems. They should always be there for the children to share their happiness. Right parenting will be a strength for the child.

At Jeevaniyam, our experts provide personalized care for children with autism.

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Blog reviewed by: Dr. Reshmi Pramod
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Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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