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Ayurveda Seeks To Overcome The Challenges Faced By Autistic Children

By Dr. Reshmi PramodPosted On 11-Jan-2019

“Overcoming troubles and hurdles are the biggest happiness of life”. Well, there are no people without difficulties in any phase of their life. Autistic children do face challenges and issues in their daily life, with the issues changing and evolving over the period of time. Considering the fact that each individual is different, and so are the challenges posed the issues they face.

Autistic children face physical, psychological, cognitive issues. Through effective training and treatments, a major part of these can be resolved, encouraging a promising future for them. Jeevaniyam, the best autism centre in Kochi, finds its routes to reconcile the problem through the combined effort of Ayurveda drugs and therapies, physiotherapy, yoga and a balanced diet.

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The gut is the derived brain and hence, a free and relaxed gut is important. Autistic children usually counter issues when getting parse, the revetment of a turbulent gut. Autistic children are more prone to GI symptoms like gastritis, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea etc. These may be due to the huge impact on their immunity causing inflammation in their track and differences in the gut bacteria. The resulting impact is huge, affecting the psychological and behavioural pattern of the child.

Autism is often found to be combined with ADHD, the hyperactivity problems, making them easily distracted, interrupting conversations, trouble sitting still and so on. The hyperactivity can disrupt their sleep cycle, causing insomnia, rapid eye movement etc. Lack of sound sleep can worsen the autism symptoms, aggravating their repetitive behaviours and lowering their cognitive skills.

Individuals with autism also have speech and language problems. They find it difficult to express themselves, to coordinate the lip and tongue and to respond to the questions they are asked due to lack of attention. Standardised and innovative speech and language therapy are provided to solve the same and much improvements have been found in this regard. Failing to have a strong immunity, autistic children tend to have high chances of developing allergic issues like oral infections, ear infections, seasonal allergies, allergies to certain food and beverages etc. These can be different for different individuals and upon close examination and trials, special diets and plans have to be set for each of them.

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Having the muddle of these issues, they exhibit the gross effect as socialization issues. Having a difficulty to socialize due to poorly developed social skills are fixed using the best Ayurvedic treatment and therapies. A treatment approach deciphering the issues and challenges faced by the autistic children on a wide range/ scale is the key to the success. Autism therapy requires the need of being perfect and effective for the children. Jeevaniyam Ayurvedic Centre aims at providing the best autism therapy in Kerala inculcating all the principles and methodologies for the sole gain of the children.

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Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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