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Your Child Is A Super Hero ! Vocational Training Makes It So

By Dr. Reshmi PramodPosted On 29-May-2018

Vocational training is one of the most important sessions in the education of an autistic kid. It is the specialized training and practical grooming sessions for the kids to excel in their fields of skill and interest. We, at Jeevaniyam, have been helping autistic kids for the past 5 years and vocational training has been one of our prime specializations. An expert team focused on the same, from Bangalore has been at service guiding the children in vocational training. We aim to provide the kids with the vocational training of 6 months including yoga practices and lifestyle guideline principles of Ayurveda. And hence known as the best in providing special education for autistic kids in Kochi.

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Q) How do vocational training benefit your autistic kid?

Autistic kids raised through primary education may have many hidden talents and skills in specific fields. But, when it comes to higher education or a corporate job, autistic kids face serious setbacks in-spite of having mechanical and technical skills. They may not be able to focus or cooperate for an aptitude test or an interview. Vocational training gains its importance here so as to prepare the autistic kids for their brightening future.

Q) What can be the practical gains through vocational training?

The vocational training aims to help the kid in fields of socialization, self-awareness to pursue the job every day, solving the sensory issue, teenage problems etc. At the core, through skill training and identifying social skills, a regular biological rhythm is put into action in the kids through the effective vocational training

Q) What are the clinically proven changes made by vocational training in an autistic kid?

Vocational training has been scientifically and clinically proven to help autistic children gain a salaried employment like any other child and to work independently upon graduation and training. Social etiquettes like wishing a good day, cooperating with the co-workers etc are all a part of the training.

Q) Which are the fields in which autistic children have been working after vocational training?

Well trained children are employed in the sophisticated jobs like computer data entry, general typing, accounting, librarians, and even at administrative and management tasks.

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Q) Why should the corporate world hire autistic children?

An employer who aims for 100% input from his employee may at times find an employee unfocused and distracted by stuff like social media and the related. When it comes to autistic children, who have been vocationally trained, to focus and complete the job assigned to them can bring in more wonders and benefit to the employer.

Q) What should the employers be aware of while hiring autistic kids?

Jobs having well-defined end goals must be allocated to autistic kids. It might be difficult from their part to pursue jobs demanding high short-term working memory. Autistic kids may find it difficult to cope up with the new working surroundings at the beginning, but later on, they will focus on their job, which is by nature. The boss must understand what he/she can do or cannot do.

Q) What basically is the need of providing space for autistic kids?

Every job demands mental satisfaction rather than a remuneration and autistic kids too are no different. The satisfaction and happiness they get through the social acceptance help them in their betterment. The very sight of an autistic child smiling and finding happiness in the work that you gave him can obviously make your day! Let us be more considerate, not underestimating any of their skills.

Jeevaniyam Ayurveda hospital and research centre is known for the hospital which provides the best vocational training for special kids in Kerala.

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Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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