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Cerebral Palsy

Walk with your Child’ Program for children with Cerebral Palsy :

Cerebral palsies are a heterogeneous group of non-progressive motor disorders. These are the leading cause of childhood disability these days. While the demand for complementary and alternative medicine like ayurveda is increasing, the sectors has a very few centers that coordinate the available scope of ayurveda. Jeevaniyam is one such stage. The column - Children with Cerebral Palsy- has a highly variable degree of members in it. It ranges from children with diplegia to quadriplegia, from children with mental retardation to children with absolute clarity of intellect and so on. Ayurvedic approach to such kids is thus so unique just because every kid with cerebral palsy is so unique. The general package for cerebral palsy is:

cerebral palsy

1) Can ayurveda cure cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy occurs in a child due an injury that happens to his / her brain during the event of delivery. Though these are non progressive, they don’t have a prominent scope of relieving the cause. Any how the disabilities may be turned to abilities if maximally supported by assisted therapies.

2) What are the possible changes that should be expected to have in my child?

3) How long should my child continue with ayurveda?

Ayurveda treatment is so unique considering its personalized approach. Thus the span varies from child to child. Any how, in case of herbal medicines to repeir the muscle tone need to be continued for years. The bedside therapy may be repeated every 6 months.

4) How far Ayurvedic treatment is better than other streams of medicines?

Cerebral palsy

To complete the management circle of Autism, no single stream of medicine can uniquely contribute. It requires clubbing of various streams together. Same is the case with Ayurveda. Any how, owing to its better result, personalized approach, minimal or no side effects Ayurveda has an upper hand. Jeevaniyam provides effective cerebral palsy treatment in kerala include following based on evaluation:

1. Department of Ayurveda treatment

    a. Personalized Ayurveda medicines including brain tonics, medicines for metabolic correction

    b. Personalized, Ayurveda therapies

  • Oil massage(abhyanga)
  • Powder massage(udwarthana)
  • Oil enema (sneha vasthi)
  • Decoction enema (kashaya vasthi )
  • Nasal instillation(nasya)
  • Application of herbal paste over joints(vimplapana)
  • Oil retention over scalp(siro vasthi and shiropichu)

2. Department of Life style management

3. Department of Physiotherapy

4. Department of Sensory Integration

5. Department of Yoga

Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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