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Our Shouldering crew

1) Team AyuCALM :  

            Shouldering with Team AyuCALM is the product of our urge to ensure maximum quality. Ayu CALM is a subset of Department of ayurvedic pediatrics of VPSV Ayurveda College Kottakkal. The sagacious team has enough experience in dealing a spectrum of cases in pediatrics. Special Kottakkal protocol for developmental disorders is now the line followed by jeevaniyam.

2)  Jeevaniyam Charitable Trust: 

             When the scope of management of special kids is read together with the alarming prevalence rate, a good social class can be finely trained and utilized if this particular disease and its associated developmental issues are well addressed. This management is truly based on sound understanding of the condition. This humanistic understanding is the pedestal up on which jeevaniyam ayurveda trust was built. Rather than a biological existence, rather than being refrained with the walls of their houses, we let them to have a productive worthy life ahead. Since years jeevaniyam charitable trust is being recognized as a light bearing group in this field. The trust executes these plans through jeevaniyam ayurveda hospital running under it for special kids. Hundreds of families have restored their colorful days through jeevaniyam.

Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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