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Why Jeevaniyam


Jeevaniyam – the name itself has a sprouting life with in. The one which nourish life. Yes, Jeevaniyam Charitable Trust and Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre is all set at the heart of Ernakulam to walk with special kids. We believe that the smile of confidence is the word for a child’s future and for the nation. Smile of confidence has its roots in health and jeevaniyam ayurveda hospital and research centre has a spectrum of services to render such that special kids are lulled in the warmth of care and support. The physical, mental, social and spiritual requisites of children and met here. Here we have a professional sagacious team to deal with medicine, technology, research and spiritual guidance with special professional team for special kids with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disabilities and Mental Retardation.

What makes jeevaniyam special :

Assisting special kids in every aspects of their life is truly based on sound understanding and evaluation of their biological and psychological condition. This is humanistic rather than a medical one. This humanistic understanding is the pedestal up on which jeevaniyam ayurveda trust was built. Rather than a biological existence, rather than being refrained with n the walls of their houses, we let them to have a productive worthy life ahead. Jeevaniyam becomes so special here:

  1. The one and only child care ayurveda centre for special kids- integrated approach, research centre

  2. 24 / 7 consultation facilities

  3. Uniquely uniting all assisted therapies along with ayurveda for special kid. Highly personalized ayurveda herbal medicines and therapies.  Jeevaniyam is the only one of such kind in India

4. An active research and documentation wing undertaking government projects for special kids.

5. We have a highly special plan to train parents with yoga techniques for their kids realizing that parents are the best ever guides for their children and home being the best school.

Programs include

Parental training program for lifestyle management for autism

Parental training program LD

Home based supports, rehabilitation and training.

6. We have short duration training programs and certified courses professionals dealing with all aspects of assisting a specially able kid.

7. We have few Special days for your kids. Let them get exposed to talented world outside too. we hop

Authored By Dr. Reshmi Pramod

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